Fear the Walking Dead

For any of you Walking Dead fans out there, there is now a new series out called Fear of the Walking Dead that is based on the onset of the deadly desease that caused the earth's population to turn into zombies in the Walking Dead series. The show focus's on the struggles that families and workers are going through while trying to survive the apocolypse that is about to take place. Each and every family is faced with the ultimate decision to give up and surrender to the undead or find a darker side of themselves that will lead them to surrvival. But which will they choose? Which families have what it takes to take on the undead and move town to town trying the safest home in the country?

Throughout this new series you will meet the strong-willed families who want nothing but surrival and even families that can't seemingly make it one more day in the world of the undead. Madison Clark and Travis Manawa are two headstrong and motivated individuals you will meet in the series. This pair are employees at the local highschool and they refuse to submit themselves to the undead. They do exactly what it takes to survive whether it means sacrifice, murder or theft. To them everything is worth just one more breath and one more day to try and survive the deadly apocolyspe that has come upon them. Every Sunday at 9/8 central turn your channel to AMC and take a glimpse into the world of the undead and place your bets on who will survive and who will be killed and brought back to life only to feel the hunger of a human life.